Coed Outpatient Treatment Center

California Prime Recovery have dedicated itself to providing an experience that not only provides proper treatment in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse, but also equips clients with the necessary tools to live the healthiest life possible. We fully understand that many suffer from the same problem, but everyone does not benefit from the same type of care. With our well thought through methods, we strive to focus on each client’s personal needs, giving each client who walks through our doors a highly personalized plan for success.


The CPR 3 Step Program

At California Prime Recovery, we work on a level system to tangibly measure progress of the individual. Each level will have a minimum time that the client will be required to attend before phasing up. The levels are set up strategically to create long term success to clients from all backgrounds and severity of addiction. We will provide these services in an alcohol and drug free environment and do regular drug testing to ensure this.


Our Facility

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